Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Gardener and His Rose

       Few days ago a gardener was on his garden. To him this garden is his place of rest  in between a full day's work. For him tending this garden is not a job rather a place where he communes with God's amazing love.  Yes, this is his love garden. He seems envelop with the presence of Love when he is in the garden. It is evident to him that he speaks to his Master as he speaks to his flowers. This garden was entrusted to him by his Master for several years now and he faithfully watch it with every possible care and attention that he could, all for the master's pleasure. He has seen how the garden transformed into a lovely paradise as it responds to his affectionate care. It transforms itself  into an oasis of joy to everyone's delight. It discovers the many gifts it has and  offers them to everyone who stop by. Yes the garden draws attention to people around it because of its welcoming spirit and joyful atmosphere not to mention the gardener keeps its ground  freshly watered and free from unwanted guests.

     In the middle of this beautiful garden is a particular type of a rose bush with flower that gives a delightful fragrance that no one could ignore. When the flower blooms everyone cannot help but notice the sweet fragrance that comes from her petals. The gardener himself finds himself kissing her fragrant petals with joy.

   This is his favorite flower- a silky white rose. When he visits his garden, which is often enough to say the least, he never fails to spend time with her. When he wakes up, during the day and even before he rests at night, he always find time, however short it is, to see her and speak with her. Have you experience conversing with flowers? That is the secret of a happy garden. Yes, he speaks to her; he delicately checks and sees to it that her leaves are free from any uninvited guests that could ruin her God given purity and beauty. He carefully inspects her petals and buds to make sure that insects don't take advantage of them. Oh yes, he loves her; he watches her grow from being just a shy white bud to a full bloom beautiful white rose . "It is just right to love her and surround her with care", he often said because this particular flower brings so much joy to the Master that he serves and a delight to his sight.

   Then one day while he was with her, admiring her beauty and wit, suddenly he felt a sharp object cut through his flesh and yes his flesh was slashed! Her thorn pricked his finger. He held her stem unguarded he forgot! It was too late! He didn't notice the thorn nestled on her stem.The gardener's initial reaction to the pain was to backed off and walked away holding his bleeding finger, yet before he did, he turned to her and said, "Hmmm, it's kind a deep but it wasn't that bad; I'll be fine."

Holding his painful finger that has a streak of blood from the wound he received from her thorny stem, he raised up his eyes and glanced at her and said, "what a lovely beauty you have that cause me pain. I can handle this, I'll be fine." He looked at his bloody pricked finger and with a smile, he gave her a kiss, "I love you still. "

For now the gardener watches 'her' from afar 
Making sure she is well though touching he could not
For his Master says "Leave her to me and have faith."
"I'll take care of her. It's my garden remember?"
"Wait 'til your wound is healed"
"and the pain is gone"
"maybe then..."
"Trust Me."
He replied,
"So Be It"



Saturday, February 14, 2015

Find me worthy as a Gift

The Gift

often marvel how could paradise came to be
Unless Someone wanted it to be
Unless a Word is uttered
Permitted for beauty to dwell in Thee 

Paradise once lived with Love
In just one "no" became a dream
Yet with a trusting 'yes' by a chosen maiden
Heaven once a dream now  a reality

O What a thought of Paradise! Do I ponder a lot? 
Is it a product of my dream? 
Could it be true that I found love?
A love mirrored to the One named Love.

Beloved you created my being
You formed me; you breathed me;
You called me; You lured me.
Whispering You said "Follow me", glad you did!

Adventure beyond adventure!
Trustingly threading the path you showed 
Embracing the unfolding of each day
Tears hidden in the eyes, concealed with the smile 

I cannot say enough 
I gasp at every thought of love
There on the Cross You raised your arms, 
You embraced me and showed me how to love 

What a gift it is 
To be deeply loved by Thee
Humbled to be chosen before time 
Longed for until the end of time

The gift I have received I offer it back 
Take it please if you will, nurture it
Hoping that one day,  
You'll find it worthy as a GIFT.

Dedicating this to someone who is chosen by God...
You are worth to die for!
I love you…tomorrow...forever...