Thursday, February 25, 2016

Run the Race

"Run the race, finish the course"
These are the words of the great Saint Paul
Though there are many ways to "run the race"
I will take his life as an example 
A life full of passion, wonder and love

Live your life passionately
Focus on the goal and not on the road
Rest when you must but keep your chin up
Life is an adventure so prepare your heart
And never be discouraged when the end is out of sight

Laugh out loud as you keep the pace
And never mind if you're not prepared , no one is!
Though life has its ups and downs, twists and turns
This adventure is precious and worth your time
Take it lightly and you will have fun

Love deeply and savor each day
Withhold nothing and keep on giving
Give all you have without reserve
You'll be surprised what awaits 
At the finish line.

This is the lesson you and I could learn from St Paul
Live this life with passion
Never forget to laugh, this lightens the burden
And if we love deeply and without reserve
Before we know it there it is... The  Finish Line!

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