Thursday, October 2, 2014

When This Summer Ends

We met one summer, when the grass are green and the flowers bloom
When the birds are feasting, while the squirrels enjoying their share 
When the breath of fresh air surrounds me and butterflies linger before me
When brother sun is at its might and sister moon in her gentle evening glory

I learned differently what joy is in a summer time
A Gift from God blessed with your presence
But time is relative, its passing seems imminent
Just like one summer that ends for another to come

Season changes, it’s just the way God made it to be
But surely it comes back after life's cycle takes its round
When this summer comes to a pause , for winter to come
It just tells me, it's time to abandon my joy in Jesus' Hands 

But I'll wait till the next summer comes 
When the pause is lifted up, and It doesn't matter when,
For I know  that when it comes,
In Jesus, the Giver of Time, it will be The Summer "Pour Toujours"...

Though this thought comes to my mind
To bid summer a goodbye I do not wish to come
Joyfully I open my hands and live each day as it comes
And be grateful to the Giver of Time

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love is...

I remember the day when we first met
A simple hello and nothing else
Formal yet tender, gentle and endearing
With a note "keep the conversations going"

We became companions on our daily journey
I was there at your daily travels
I accompanied you in prayers
You were here, when I began my day

Morning coffee and evening snacks we've shared
As we talked about our day
I was with you before you sleep
And you were with me as I end my day


Morning and afternoon walks we had
Rosaries we've prayed
Time of reflections together
And we never failed to meet at our "meeting place"

Time flies, memories written in our hearts
We were asked to move on; to bear fruit...
I wonder how you've been ?
Days I wasn't there to say goodnight?


Yet never lose hope, never  lose faith
The truth remains,
Love is free and never fails
For the love we share is His love...

I still see you at our  “meeting place "
There in front of the Beloved 
There is where I meet you at every moment I'm on my knees
Every time I close my eyes and stare at Him

Yes, love has been planted here and now
Today is what we've got let's seize the day!
 O come my special love He is waiting
He who calls us, He the One who is Love

Love is worth of everything we have
You and I two-gether apart
In and with Him
What matters most? Love is! 
For Love is eternal and Eternity is Forever...

God is Love…

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The One Whom I Believed

If you could create a paradise called world, out of nothing
A person, a masterpiece from the dust and mere breath
If you can turn water into wine,
If you can feed thousands with five loaves of bread and two fish
Then I believe, nothing is impossible if you will it.

If you can break open the sea and have human walk on land
If you can walk on water and calm the storm
If you can make fire out of a cistern full of water
If you can give sight to the blind and make lame walk
Then I believe, nothing is impossible if you will it.

Nothing is impossible if you will it 
For You are the Word, the beginning and the end
When you created me, when you breathed on me
When you say, you will prepare for a place for me
Everything happened it is your will that I am here.

I believe, for you are the Word made flesh
Flesh like me in everything except sin
You  prepare the way for my return
A prodigal child to His Father
By embracing death for my sake

You are the great I Am
The beginning, the end
The God  of Love
A lover fastened on the Cross
The cross that belongs to me

Who ransomed me from death?
Who promised me life?
Who died on my place that I may have life?
He is the one called the great lover of souls
He, The One Whom I believed.

Friday, May 2, 2014

And so be it

To un-love you I cannot do 
For it will be an act of my will not of God
I believe God gifted us this time
Only Him can take it back in His Time.

Faith tells me that I’m interfering with the Giver's plan,
If I question ‘why’ in this moment of time?
I trained to docile my heart, my mind, my soul 
And welcome the surprises the Giver has in mind.

Let us allow the Will of God to take its course
He holds our future in His hands, 
Let's walk humbly with the Giver
And trust Him at all time

If this journey takes us to uncertain paths
If it leads us to places where we never want to be  
With humility and courage, let's embrace it with faith
For He is taking us towards the perfection of love 

We have a model before our eyes
Of a perfect love that never fails
Our Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy and Her Little Boy 
from Annunciation, to Agony, unto Passion, and Crucifixion 

They took their place in the plan of God
Embracing the wisdom of sacrificial love 
A love that wills what is best for the beloved
A love that knows more how to give than to receive

Trust in God, love Him still
In Heaven, this journey will end 
In Heaven, our eyes will meet
And there, In Heaven we shall be One+

In Heaven, our meeting place
In Heaven, our resurrection 
In Heaven, the journey ends.
In Heaven, we shall be.

"Joy, is achieved only in peace"
"Just like humility, it's indispensable to holiness"
Let it be done according to His Will,
"Ainsi so it-il"... so be it! 


True Love is a story of awakening, of learning and  understanding, of embracing and  accepting, re-living the history of pure love -  the passion, crucifixion with the hope of resurrection.


The Lesson of the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Link : 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Presence

In my silent moment as I do my tasks ,
With the scent of fresh air and a sight of quiet lake , 
I can't help but weave a poem of praise
To a Presence I can never deny....

I was out in the sun doing my tasks 
These tiny little sprouts I came across as I tread the ground
A life trying to show off as if giving me a hint, 
The season has changed! Winter is gone.

The thought of Spring made me smile
As I continued my work clearing the piles   
Imagining the flowers that will come about
And how these lives were once all hidden beneath the ground

Traces of snow are still around
Yet within my range I see beauty coming from the ground
I saw this tiny maiden discreetly enjoying the sun
So prim, and proper, such a beauty without a doubt

 As I continued my walk
Look at what I've found 
Little maidens sprinkled around
They stood there without a sound

Amazing isn't it? 
The life beneath the ground
Hidden for a while in our eyes 
Yet in time will come about

Then my reflection went abound
To something deeper than the ground
The thought of Him came to me
The Beloved who came and gave us life

He lived and walked with us
He was lifted up the ground
He was fastened on the Cross
Buried in the tomb

He went underground
Saved those buried on the ground
So that rising from the ground
Eternal Life once was promised now with us

A silence does not mean an absence
Silence is a presence in the midst of absence
A presence beyond words,
At times far more stronger than any sound

My Lord whom I love
You are a presence without a doubt
Silent and hidden yet
As close as I breathe my next

I am now more convinced
That there is more in life
Than what our eyes can see
Than what our hands can touch

Beneath the ground,
Deep in my heart
There is a PRESENCE
more real, more profound

And I trust this Presence
Even to understand Him is a work of eternity
As I placed my hand and breathe my next
I know His Presence is for REAL.

And to you my friend who read my poem
I invite you to search this Presence
But it requires a silent and humble heart
For HIM to be found

"I praise you Father for you have hidden these things from the wise and learned." Matthew 11:5

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Nearness of You

You are so near, I dare not touch you
I fear to disturb our holy communion 
Oneness and intimacy that  make us one
Only with eyes closed that I could touch and hold

You are like brother sun, you keep me warm 
You are my sister moon, you keep vigil when I rest
You are the song that has no end in my ears
A sweet melody that keeps my rhythm of the day

Your  voice, your laugh, ah I hear them everyday
Your smile, your eyes they follow me everywhere
Your touch, your hands, and even the tiny pinches you do
Yes you are a presence I dare say so true

What a precious gift you are 
So much to have in my borrowed life
"In eternity ", says The Beloved 
"There", where "the nearness of you",  I will behold.

Pour Toujours+