Saturday, February 14, 2015

Find me worthy as a Gift

The Gift

often marvel how could paradise came to be
Unless Someone wanted it to be
Unless a Word is uttered
Permitted for beauty to dwell in Thee 

Paradise once lived with Love
In just one "no" became a dream
Yet with a trusting 'yes' by a chosen maiden
Heaven once a dream now  a reality

O What a thought of Paradise! Do I ponder a lot? 
Is it a product of my dream? 
Could it be true that I found love?
A love mirrored to the One named Love.

Beloved you created my being
You formed me; you breathed me;
You called me; You lured me.
Whispering You said "Follow me", glad you did!

Adventure beyond adventure!
Trustingly threading the path you showed 
Embracing the unfolding of each day
Tears hidden in the eyes, concealed with the smile 

I cannot say enough 
I gasp at every thought of love
There on the Cross You raised your arms, 
You embraced me and showed me how to love 

What a gift it is 
To be deeply loved by Thee
Humbled to be chosen before time 
Longed for until the end of time

The gift I have received I offer it back 
Take it please if you will, nurture it
Hoping that one day,  
You'll find it worthy as a GIFT.

Dedicating this to someone who is chosen by God...
You are worth to die for!
I love you…tomorrow...forever...


  1. Everything is a gift and a blessing ~ I realized that we do not own anything in this world...

    I am blessed to share it with the gift the Lord gave me ~"A love mirrored to the One named Love."

    I am so glad you have come back to writing your poetry :) Continue inspiring us with your love for God+

  2. Thank you Melissa. Poetry is such a wonderful way to express inner thoughts; a state of soul who desires to express in words the majesty of Love that is beyond words. That is why God "in the beginning was Word" before it became "flesh". Journeying with you.. in the Hands of God.. Blessings+