Thursday, October 2, 2014

When This Summer Ends

We met one summer, when the grass are green and the flowers bloom
When the birds are feasting, while the squirrels enjoying their share 
When the breath of fresh air surrounds me and butterflies linger before me
When brother sun is at its might and sister moon in her gentle evening glory

I learned differently what joy is in a summer time
A Gift from God blessed with your presence
But time is relative, its passing seems imminent
Just like one summer that ends for another to come

Season changes, it’s just the way God made it to be
But surely it comes back after life's cycle takes its round
When this summer comes to a pause , for winter to come
It just tells me, it's time to abandon my joy in Jesus' Hands 

But I'll wait till the next summer comes 
When the pause is lifted up, and It doesn't matter when,
For I know  that when it comes,
In Jesus, the Giver of Time, it will be The Summer "Pour Toujours"...

Though this thought comes to my mind
To bid summer a goodbye I do not wish to come
Joyfully I open my hands and live each day as it comes
And be grateful to the Giver of Time


  1. How well you expressed the seasons... summer is one of the best [since we only have two in my country]... While you wrote when summer ends... in your heart, it doesn't really, because it'll come back again. We learn to enjoy it while it's here... with open hearts... with open hands...yes, grateful for the present. Amazing love+

  2. With open hearts,,,with open hands... Reflecting on those words... I see the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary, [open hearts] Always...
    Hands for caring... Hearts for loving , Yes Amazing love.. Unconditional love.