Monday, June 2, 2014

...and HE is right


  1. Wow bro... Love it... U are a poet indeed ha ha ha... Mmmmm will be easier to find U ;)

  2. Bro! You surprised me :D Thank you for leaving your important trace on my post.
    Finding me is so easy brother... You know where to find me .. you know the key... :)

  3. Oh Guy, found this first.

    It is a reflection I often take myself into to strike the balance between my relationship with close friends and other people. I think even Jesus had His own inner intimate circle but that does not make less of the friendships He had with others.

    He is right :) I agree. Thank you for sharing this. There's so much love and peace put in it together.

    Lots of love Daniel+

    1. Oui that's why Guy said it easy to "find" me now. since he found my blog the first :D

      Yes, HE is right. The beginning of eternity lies at the center of everything... LOVE.
      That is why there is so much peace because HIS [Jesus] LOVE knows no boundary... :D
      ... its eternal. Take Care+

  4. Thank you Izdiher for visiting my blog.

  5. Love is a beautiful feeling,but when a person rejects it, it hurts. :(