Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love is...

I remember the day when we first met
A simple hello and nothing else
Formal yet tender, gentle and endearing
With a note "keep the conversations going"

We became companions on our daily journey
I was there at your daily travels
I accompanied you in prayers
You were here, when I began my day

Morning coffee and evening snacks we've shared
As we talked about our day
I was with you before you sleep
And you were with me as I end my day


Morning and afternoon walks we had
Rosaries we've prayed
Time of reflections together
And we never failed to meet at our "meeting place"

Time flies, memories written in our hearts
We were asked to move on; to bear fruit...
I wonder how you've been ?
Days I wasn't there to say goodnight?


Yet never lose hope, never  lose faith
The truth remains,
Love is free and never fails
For the love we share is His love...

I still see you at our  “meeting place "
There in front of the Beloved 
There is where I meet you at every moment I'm on my knees
Every time I close my eyes and stare at Him

Yes, love has been planted here and now
Today is what we've got let's seize the day!
 O come my special love He is waiting
He who calls us, He the One who is Love

Love is worth of everything we have
You and I two-gether apart
In and with Him
What matters most? Love is! 
For Love is eternal and Eternity is Forever...

God is Love…


  1. Amazing love there is between two people together apart. May this love be blessed forever by the Lord. For true love is eternal. Thank you so much Daniel+

  2. May the Lord bless us and keep us in His love now and until the next...
    The best is yet to come. Merci Melissa. Dieu soit beni+... Oui, pour toujours.

  3. Revisiting this post after a year... I hold on to that eternal love ~ always and forever+

  4. and when this journey is over... I will be there.....